What We Have Done



Sep. 2015 - 1 to 1 Support Sessions (click 'FarmHands' link above for info.)

2013 - Launch of Ernie's Shed (click 'FarmHands' link above for info.)

July 2011 - Launch of new facilities

July 2011 - Tree House

Spring 2011 - Dry Stone Walling

2010 - Rewetting Project


At Acorn Bank Apple Day 2016, many young people joined in our games and competitions.



Halloween Treasure Hunt 31st October 2016





Hedge Laying Course (November 2009) – Before we started. Hedge Laying Course – Putting our new found skills to work ………….



Hedge Laying Course - ……with a little help from our qualified instructor.

Hedge Laying Course – Work in Progress.



Hedge Laying Course – A father and son work as a team.



Hedge Laying Course – Just the stakes to do. Another skill learned.



With the help of Natural England we have rewetted one of our fields to increase the number of ground nesting birds. After the nesting season each year, the field will be drained to allow grazing.


Rewetting Project – Before we started.

Rewetting Project – Work in progress.



Rewetting Project – Nearly completed.

Rewetting Project – All filled!



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